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Monday…a bit behind schedule

So today is Wednesday. But 2 days ago it was Monday. And as I’m sure you, my avid readers, will have noticed, there was no blog post for Monday. Well I’d like to rectify that, because I’m sure you all want to know every detail of my enthralling CTYI life. So here we go.

Not really, here’s a musical diversion.

Flight of the Conchords, gotta love ’em.

Anyway, Monday was pretty awesome. We did some more research on social media and read up on twitter. Twitter was explained to us in the context of building relationships between businesses and consumers. Twitter, in case you didn’t know, is a micro-blogging service where people “tweet” (say) things in under 140 characters. For businesses this can be an opportunity to set up a means of communication between a consumer and themselves  whereby they respond to any queries the customer may have. It can be a question and answer forum in realtime then.

Businesses can also use Facebook to communicate with their customers and promote their brand. By using these forms of social media, businesses are showing that they are in tune with their customers interests and thus can build a bond of trust.

Isn't social media wonderful?


After that we went to a seminar given by Sunday Times political correspondant Sarah McInerney. She talked to us about how she became a journalist and why she did so, how to be a successful (ish) journalist and she plugged her book. It was quite refreshing listening to her actually. She was down to earth, honest and with a good sense of humour. If anyone remembers the Sunday Tribune’s social diary, you’ll remember that Sarah was the writer of that column. Apparently Ronan O’Gara is a diva and impossible to talk to (yeah, yeah, yeah…) and that Angelina Jolie is so lovely and em delicate… All in all it was a great lecture.

Sarah McInerney

A tour of the Helix was up next. The people running the course I’m doing at the moment also run a company called Techspectations (twitter here), which promotes small businesses and boost their social media presence. A business employing them at the moment is The Helix.

The Helix

So part of my homework on the course was to research the Helix’s competitors. We will present our research to them by the end of the course. So as a thank you for doing that for the Helix, Darran Heaney, the Events Manager for the Helix, gave us a guided tour. It was brilliant. We saw the 4 performances spaces, ranging from the Mahony Hall (largest), to the imaginatively named The Space (smallest). Darran was friendly and informative and I enjoyed the tour quite a lot.

Anyway that’s my lot. Here’s the now mandatory closing music video.

Great performance of a great song. From his new (ish) album Let Them Talk. Awesome.