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Today started off in the lab. The computer one that is, so get those weird Jekyll, Hyde and Frankenstein connotations out of your head. We first did some research on SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). So turns out that the meta tag “keywords” in HTML is no longer useful. Keywords’ function used to be highlight topics that site deals with. Keywords are invisible, only seen by a search engine.

However, keywords have been abused with some sites putting whatever search terms are popular at a point in time in their keyboards. This leads to a high click through rate for these sites even though their content is probably completely unrelated. So in a sense it’s spam. Uncool.

Uncool Spam

Uncool Spam

Google changed their search algorithm, however. The consequences of these changes were that “content farms” (keyword spammers) were effectively negated. Google now no longer really looks at the “keywords” tag. So now you’re more likely to get a more accurate return of results than before.

So SEO involves optimising the meta “description” tag. The description tag is the little snippet of text you get under a link in a search result. So to optimise this, one must make it easily readable for both the search engine and a human reading it. Therefore it makes most sense to write short sentences laden with keywords.
But make sure it makes sense!
Google's Search Algorithm simplified

Google's Search Algorithm simplified

Then we went to the W3 Schools Website and learned some basic HTML using this guide. All in all, very productive. I learned stuff, wahey! The rest of the day was really spent kinda messing around with World’s Hardest Game (again). But we did have a game of Gaelic Football later. Epic is the only world to describe it. Conor was a shambles but myself and Stephen (Mad Wexford lad that he is) were incredibly skillful.
That was all, apart from some dinner, study, home and perhaps bed. I’ll talk again tomorrow. Tomorrow’s Friday, and we all know what that means. Until then, here’s some music.