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A bunch o’ days

So to us start us off today let’s watch a good ol’ video.

As you may have guessed, on Wednesday we did some eBay. Yeah, we owned eBay. Cos we’re that cool. But today’s blog post isn’t about Wednesday because I’m so ridiculously behind. So I’m just gonna mash Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Monday into one epic blog post. Enjoy.

So as I said, on Wednesday we did some eBay. Áine came in (she used to work for eBay) and told us pretty much everything about it. We did some stuff like eBay’s version of Search Engine Optimization. This involves using the BayEstimate tool to get as much out of your eBay title listing as possible. Then we did stuff like Advanced Search and saw how big the markets on eBay. For example, did you know that over £4.9 million worth of dress-related items alone are sold every 90 days? Madness.

After some eBay and lunch we went over to The Helix to experience 2 keynotes from the Diverse 2011 business conference. We observed speeches from Michael Wesch (the creator of the video The Machine is Us/ing Us) and Ciarán McCormack  (the man behind FÍS). both were absolutely brilliant. Michael Wesch, in particular, was quite extraordinary.

Thursday was great craic altogether. It was the day we tried to conquer Second Life, the incredibly popular online role-playing game. However, that description doesn’t really do it justice because it’s more than a game, it is actually a second life online, where you can reinvent yourself and be literally whatever you want to be. This video explains it nicely.

Unfortunately it didn’t really work for me as it was too laggy and to be honest I found it fairly boring. But there’s definitely a lot of interest in it. I believe I was told that over $4 billion has been actually spent on Second Life since it’s inception. So it’s taken quite seriously then.

In the afternoon we did some extremely basic computer game programming using an application called Scratch. Scratch uses a Graphical User Interface (GUI) to allow you to create games. In simple English this means you can drag elements from a list to create your own game. It’s pretty cool but unfortunately my game was too ambitious and hasn’t been finished. Yet. After some Scratchin’ we covered social bookmarking, in particular sites like Reddit and Digg. Stuff I’d done before but good to have it cleared up even more.

PayPal logo

Friday was PayPal. We went to their European operations and customer service headquarters in Blanchardstown. It was absolutely awesome. The first thing you do is go through this crazy revolving door which was great. I got in and thought it would be a great idea to take a photo of the logo. Bad idea. I was politely told to put my camera away. Fair enough. But anyways, we went upstairs to a conference room, past the foosball table, canteen and basketball courts (told you this place was awesome). In their we were greeted by Jonathan, who works in the Merchant side of the PayPal machine, and he ran through a PowerPoint with us. Some interesting points from it: PayPal’s been around since 2000 and were bought by eBay in 2002; as of 2010 they are responsible for roughly 20% of the world’s online money transactions; they consist of 3 sections – Merchant, Risk and Support; they have 250 million total accounts and 100 million active ones; they support 25 currencies; they work with 57 financial institutions worldwide and they employ over 18,500.

Phew. That was a lot. Then we had some seriously good free pizza and drinks (I love these guys) and were told to design an app incorporating PayPal in some way. Our app (courtesy of Tadhg White) was called “Call A Cab”. The premise was that you fire up the app and it locates where you are. The app then shows a map of taxis in the area and a timeline, showing how far away each cab is. Anyway, the whole idea was that you could order and pay for your taxi using the app, powered by PayPal. Unfortunately we didn’t win the prize of a wonderful 3 megapixel camera. But hey man, we ain’t corporate sellouts like that.

Facebook Logo

Monday, this was it, the day I’d been waiting for. We went to Facebook’s Dublin offices in the Docklands. Facebook is a company that needs no introduction but in case you want some background details, check this out. Again, it was fairly awesome. The best part was going around the office saying things like “Did anyone see Eduardo Saverin around?”. But quietly. Because if Mark Zuckerberg were to hear about it he might eat us for breakfast.

We sat through a presentation about Facebook Ads and then split into our ads to design an ad for The Helix Conferences. Our ad was so incredibly amazing that we won a prize. I say we, but in reality it was my sheer, unadulterated awesomeness that won the competition. Our prize consisted of a Facebook laptop bag (laptop NOT included), a Facebook frisbee, Facebook earbuds, Facebook sweets and a Facebook USB stick that can be worn as a fashionable wrist band. Sweet.

So that was a bunch of days. All in all, they were great. Only 2 more days in CTYI, it’s been great.

Let’s finish with some more music.