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Belated Friday

So what did we do today? Well for a start we made a video: Happiness. Check it out, it’s fairly amazing. In the morning we were given a crash course in videoing whereby we learned stuff like different types of shots, how to edit and how to brainstorm (or word vomit as it’s called). Then we were given a sheet of paper and a theme and told to think or die. Well, not that dramatic but vital organs were at stake. Anyway, we came up with a brilliant idea (Oscar stuff lads) and fleshed it out. Here is said video.

Shooting the video was some fun. We had to first “rent” out Spar (I asked politely). However, I did have a monetary issue upon leaving the shop. Thought I’d given the manager a 20 and thought I’d been short changed.  Well anyway I was wrong. That manager didn’t like me and commented to the next person in line “These half smart kids think they know it all”. I was miffed.

Some of the shots were kinda weird to shoot. And they didn’t really come out so well. Sure you’ll see the results anyway.

Videoing is fairly cool is has to said though.

Oh look it’s 19:37 on a Tuesday evening so it’s time for some cat videos.

Oh and some random funny stuff.

After the videoing it was time for some sports. I, rather stupidly, chose to do rugby. Actually it was brilliant but rather wet. So it was all going well until I decided to both kick, turn and run; at the same time. Not a good idea. I fell. Now, when most people fall like that it’s just a little bump and they laugh it off. Not for me. No, I managed to perfectly up-end (side-end?) myself and fall square on my hip. Ow. Now, not only was I sore, but I was also soaking and covered in grass. So I went home.

All in all, a good day.